Engineering Energy Independence,
it’s what drives us.


How We Differ

Have Energy During an Outage

We install special inverters that can continue operating during a grid outage, without the expense of batteries.

Save on Commercial Demand Charges

We are actively developing proprietary systems that can reign in costly demand charges and hold you to maximum demand thresholds.

Large Scale Experience

Our experience in utility-scale and commercial projects gives us the technical insight and mastery over virtually any size project – large or small.

Smart Solar

We employ next generation “smart panels” on all of our projects, resulting in greater energy harvest, panel-level visibility and enhanced safety features.

Smart Solar Solutions

JDS Power is a leading solar integrator in both the Commercial and Residential solar markets.

The principals of JDS Power have vast experience spanning some of the world’s largest utility-scale projects, as well as more than 100 Megawatts of commercial carport solar. JDS Power will draw on this experience to engineer custom solar solutions for each project, from simple rooftop solar to large megawatt-sized carport installations.



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