Total Energy Generated (MWh)
Equivalent Vehicles Removed
Equivalent Kettles Boiled
Equivalent Trees Planted
CO2 Saved (kg)

Energy Independence Tailored To Your Needs

JDS Power’s primary step is to analyze the needs of a client and determine the size of the photovoltaic system. We advise all our clients about ways to reduce consumption and save electricity as lowering usage is typically cheaper than generating it. The smaller the overall consumption, the smaller (and cheaper) a system is needed. There is no benefit to oversize a photovoltaic system.

JDS Power Provides You with the Tools for Cost-Effective Energy


Energy use analysis

Using past energy bills, we will determine the ideal system size to suit your particular electrical needs and to optimize your investment.


Site analysis

An on-site assessment will determine the amount of shading, if any, your site will experience at different times of the day and throughout the year and, measuring the available mounting area to determine the maximum size system your site can accommodate.


Project proposal

A bid will be presented for the cost of the system. This bid will include the administering of all paperwork necessary for the application of your rebate funds, your county permitting, and your utility company net-metered account, all necessary equipment and materials, system installation, and advised on warranty on all parts and installation.



Once the bid is accepted, a contract will be drawn up that will clearly outline the scope of work and the project timeline and upon agreement the contract is executed.


Application of rebate

Directly following the signing of the contract, a rebate application, if available, is submitted to the state for approval.


Other applications

Upon receiving confirmation from the state, an application for the PV system is submitted to the building department to obtain a permit.


System installation

Upon receipt of the necessary permits, the installation of your system will commence with a goal to completion within the timeline agreed upon.


County signoff

After the system is installed, a county building inspector will inspect and approve the system.


Utility inspection and startup:

After the county has signed off on the project, a utility company meter technician will inspect the system and install the bi-directional smart meter. At this point, the system will be commissioned. At this time the system will be fully operational.

JDS Power will continue to monitor the systems performance for years of worry free operation.